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Recommended School Blogs

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Must Reads:
The following are some of Elizabeth Burns picks for the best blogs.

Big a little a

Site creator Kelly Herold, reviews children’s book news, and a weekly roundup of children’s book reviews from American and English newspapers.

Book Buds

Anne Boles Levy, a journalist, is the primary reviewer, who employs a rating scale for picture books that ranges from no buds (the book stinks0 to four buds (outstanding).

Book Moot

The word “Moot”, meaning to argue, debate, and discuss, also refers to a “meeting,” according to site host Camille Powell, a school librarian. Thus, Book Moot is a perfect place to go and discuss books.

Bookshelves of Doom

Lelia Roy responds to books personally and from the gut, she does not review books critically and objectively. Roy offers SDQs (super duper quickie author interviews) and an always entertaining take on publishing and book new. What’s been banned and why? Find out here.

A chair A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy

Elizabeth Burns, a former lawyer and now a public librarian, reviews and discusses books for children and teens-and the occasional movie and TV show.

Children’s Book Review Index

Reviewed by more than 20 bolgs this is a clearinghouse site of children’s and YA books. Kelly Herold has organized it by intended audience, author, and title, with links to the original reviews.

If you have time for only one blog this is it. Cynthia Leitch Smith offers the range: interviews, reviews, boo-lists, literacy information, and news.

A Fuse #8 Production

This blog, “Hot Men of Children’s Literature” by Elizabeth Bird is all her own and not connected with her employer NYPL.


Gregory Pincus the originator of this blog is known for his poetry. His “Fibs” consist of a six-line, 20 syllable poem based on the Fibonacci sequence.

Jen Robinson’s Book Page

Jennifer Robinson provides a weekly literacy roundup with links to stories from around the world. She also devised the list of “Cool Girls from Children’s Literature.”

Just One More Book! Andrea Ross and Mark Blevins Canadian book lovers podcast children’s titles three times a week. You can download the files to an MP3 player, but you don’t need one to hear this entertaining broadcast.


Pam Coughlan, children’s library assistant, is the host of MotherReader, home of the “48-Hour book Challenge” (as in how many can you read in 48 hours).

A Year of Reading

Two teachers, Mary Lee Hahn and Franki Sibberson, challenge themselves to think about and write about their lives as readers- of children’s books, adult fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and professional material.

February 2007 School Library Journal. Burns, Elizabeth, Curl Up with a Cup of Tea and a Good Blog. P. 40.

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